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Values and Ethos

Valuing Children, Valuing Learning, Valuing our Community


Each half term we focus on a particular value and share what this means for us, our learning and our community. We learn to understand what the value looks like for us and how we can demonstrate the value in the way we behave in our attitude towards each other and in our learning.

For those children who go that extra mile and show us all what the value means in what they do each week we say thank you by awarding them a ‘Value Apple’ which we display on our Value Apple Tree in the entrance hall.

For those children who demonstrate that they understand our value and are consistent in the way they express this over a half term, we invite parents into to school for a special Golden Apple Award assembly.

Our Values are part of everything we do in school and are an important part of everyday life. We have a cycle of Values as shown below.

Year A
Appreciation Co-operation & Responsibility Courage
Respect Friendship & Forgiveness Honesty
Year B
Unity Tolerance & Understanding Patience
Peace Love Caring & Sharing

Year A: 2015-2016 and 2017-2018
Year B: 2014-2015 and 2016-2017

Click here to download our British Values Statement

Values-Tree– Work together



Teaching and Learning

We aim to develop all pupils and staff to maximise their learning through high quality teaching and aspiration to achieve beyond their dreams. 


We provide a stimulating and safe environment with high expectations of all based on an ethos of respect and responsibility, where children are able to learn and achieve well both independently and together as part of a team.  We aim to enrich the learning experience of children through our outdoor learning environment. 


We provide a creative, challenging, supportive and aspiring wider curriculum enabling children to think critically, becoming independent, confident learners for both their future success and that of the wider community in which they live. 


Through a rich, values based ethos we encourage and provide opportunities for our learners to understand, care and respect the values and beliefs of other cultures, to create friendship and tolerance of each other within the local and world community. We celebrate and value the diversity of our community and the achievements of all.


We aim to develop and sustain valued partnerships, working together with parents, staff and governors, our partnership schools and the extended community to gain positive outcomes for all our children. 


We aim to provide the opportunities and develop the confidence and skills in children that are fit for the 21st century so that they are open to possibilities and aspire to lead a successful, healthy and happy life in the future.



Our Watling Lower School and Forest Club Curriculum ensures that learning is relevant and interesting for our children. Through a rich variety of opportunities, learning is brought to life ensuring not only the acquisition of key skills, but also through a creative approach aims to nurture the love of learning itself.

We follow the new National Curriculum and continue to incorporate this statutory requirement with our own school curriculum through our Learning Themes. The content and approach to our learning is designed to engage and motivate each specific group of children.

In order to develop the fundamental skills of reading, we use Letters and Sounds and the Bug Club phonics scheme. For Guided Reading we use the Rigby Star and Pelican schemes. Therefore, ensuring that all of our children have the best start in their reading.

We use the ‘Talk for Writing‘ approach to encourage child in their writing.  We challenge and encourage children to improve their mathematical skills through ‘Big Maths‘.






Our curriculum is planned to provide every opportunity for children to apply their reading, writing and mathematical skills through all the other subjects where we also aim to provide enhanced opportunities to develop the skills within each subject. You can click on the Learning Theme title to access more information.

If you have any questions about our curriculum or want to find our more, please see your child’s class teacher.

Click here to see more detail about the learning in each Key Stage.

Who’s Who at Watling?

Head Teacher Mrs Sue Penglase
Chair of Governors Mrs Susan Watts
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Jit Jandu
SEND Coordinator Miss Sally Carroll
Admissions and Office Administrator Ms Jacqueline Dunnell
Finance Mrs Karen Hatherley
Teacher Miss Sarah Colliss
Teacher Mrs Chris Clayton
Teacher Mrs Jeannette Khan
Teacher Ms Penny Stubbs
Teacher Mr Ben Gates
Teacher Miss Caroline Peak
Teacher Mrs Sam Robblett
Teacher Miss Sue Vought
Teaching Assistant Ms Francine Compton
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lynne Cooke
Teaching Assistant Mrs Max Field
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lynette Human
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lynne Peck
Teaching Assistant Mr Chris Penglase
Teaching Assistant Mrs Kathryn Spooner
Teaching Assistant Mrs Karen Sudder
Learning Mentor Mrs Debbie Meredith
Leader – Woodlands Sarah Ward
Leader – Arboretum House Lisa Hubbard
Forest Club Admin Dawn Rosier
Early Years Practitioner Karen Bird
Early Years Practitioner Tom Foster
Early Years Practitioner Kelly Clayton
Early Years Practitioner Kelly Hawkins
Early Years Practitioner Ana Elezi
Early Years Practitioner Jade Bushell
Early Years Practitioner Karissa Blakeman
Early Years Practitioner/Holiday Club Staff Tracey Burger
Holiday Club Staff Andrew Rosier
Holiday Club Staff Amelia Bird
Holiday Club Staff Rosie Stapleton
Holiday Club Staff Jessica Twiddy
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Anwar
Midday Supervisor Mrs Barral
Midday Supervisor Mrs Power
Midday Supervisor Mrs Osborne
Midday Supervisor Mrs French
Midday Supervisor Mrs Kenny
Midday Supervisor Mrs Mandalwatthage
Midday Supervisor Mr Dunnell
Midday Supervisor Ms Nathan
Midday Supervisor Mrs T Jones
Midday Supervisor Ms C Wheeler
Site Agent Mrs Donna Barker
Cleaner Mrs Angela Jenkins
Cleaner Sarah Simms
Cook Mrs McGarvey
Cook Mrs Owen

Watling Forest Club


Forest Club was originally set up in 1995 as an after school facility provided by the school.  As a result of its growing popularity the Management Committee formed in 2001 to establish the club as a separate body and our doors were first opened in July 2002.

We provide affordable good quality care for up to 40 children per session (30 per session for the Little Foresters Pre-School) in our conditional modular building within the grounds of the school.

We comply with current staff to children ratios of 1:8. (1:4 for children under 3)

The Club is managed by our Club Administrator and Childcare Manager and overseen by our Management Committee.  The Club has it’s own comprehensive insurance and conforms to Ofsted regulations.  Childcare fees are used to pay staff salaries, rent and running expenses and the purchase of new equipment, materials and toys.

Welcome  Watling Forest Club

From September 2015, Watling Forest Club will be moving into Watling Lower School building.  For the first year at least 2 year olds will stay in Arboretum House but everyone else including the before and after school club will move into the newly refurbished school.


Our Governors

Governing Body

Mrs S. Watts- Chair

Mr P. Kitely- Vice Chair

Mrs S. Muggeridge

Mrs J. Jandu

Mrs L. Peck

Mr A. Whayman

Mrs D. Rossier

Mrs P. Owens

Mrs S. Penglase

Download more information about our Governing Body


School Council


Our School Council is very important to us and it is a way for the children to have their voices heard.  Each class votes for their two children to represent them on the School Council for the school year.

The School Council is run by Mrs Roblett and meets every other week.

Every child in the school has the chance to be heard in School Council either by talking to their School Council representative or by writing in their class School Council book.

Each class also elects two Eco-Warriers, who help our school with our Green initiatives.

School Meals

Principals Contract Catering Limited

Principals-CateringWe offer an exciting 3 course lunch which includes freshly prepared bread, fruit and salad.

Payment must be made either on the day or in advance as lunch will only be served in exceptional circumstances without payment.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal.  Cost of meal for all other children is £2.10 per day.


We show the children photographs of the lunch choices each morning to help them choose their lunch.

You can download our Spring/Summer menus here:   Week 1   |   Week 2   |   Week 3

You can download information about food allergens here.



We have lots of clubs to choose from at Watling Lower School and Forest Club.

Some of the clubs are at lunch time and some are after school.  Some of the clubs are free and some you have to pay for.  If you would like more information about any of these clubs, please see the school office.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before school Breakfast club Breakfast club Breakfast club Breakfast club Breakfast club
Lunch time Choir Hot Shots
After school Kickboxing

Film Club

Dance club

Really Wild club